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THCplant.com, a private association of connoisseur breeders since '73.  we clone extremely rare, exotic, and well-stabilized cannabis plants.  Apply to join our private breeders association @ thcplant.com or email your photo ID, Dr Rec, and phone number to info@thcplant.com .. We deliver to So Cal patients everywhere and usually carry at least 12 strains well stocked round the clock for your convenience and a 14day uplifted warranty. Stay Rooted!

PLANTS SHOULD EASILY LIVE or die- this is a quick and dirty guide to FAST SUCCESS.

- THICK White roots are most important factor, quality not quantity!  Like all natural creatures, clones need a dark period to rest: 6-10hours /24hours, varies due to strain climate and atmospheric pressure. For best results, use 8 hours and watch what your plant does (-:" Our plants should be stabilized enough to place about 5 feet away from a bright light, or you can use florescent lights to help prevent accidental heat stroke.

- Hardening clones is always recommended prior to direct placement under the sun however if only option is to place immediately outdoors, you MAY do so by merely covering the clone top with a perforated paper towel roll and cellophane around the top or more advanced methods for more proper care… (-:

THC Plant.com clones have been preloaded with enough beneficial elements necessary to the cloning process, and already have enough nutrients stored up in the rock wool, root zone, and leaves to survive many weeks with ONLY PURE WATER FEEDINGS...  Keeping this in mind, PLEASE avoid feeding nutrient doses to the plants during the first several days to first week after receiving them from us!!!
   -for the first part of the plants fragile life, patients should place their plant's directly into soil BEFORE WATERING ! thank you for listening.
-connoisseurs: if you decide you would like to run hydro, please merely begin your plant's correctly with low EC(ppm meter$20) and 5.8pH water(pH pen$20)…
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REASON: Plants may be deprived of nutrients during the initial rooting process to limit the vertical growth on the plant to prevent deficiencies and promote root growth by promoting the proper internal chemical cellular processes for that stage of vegetative life. You do not want to encourage vertical growth with substantial nutrients without first rooting into the proper medium thoroughly.  It is VERY BENEFICIAL to force the roots to work harder during the first several days until the plant's roots transplant into the new medium thoroughly = whether your planting in soil OR hydro!!!!

3. SOIL    VS    HYDRO
SOIL: More stable, HIGHLY Recommended for ALL GROWERS.  Plants will utilize nutrients well and can also use the least amount of nutrients.  EASY TO MAINTAIN.  Please plant your clones so that the cubes are as far down into the soil as possible because the top of soil is close to the light and will dry out faster than deeper down.  Feeding with plain water is OK, pH 6.2 is ideal for most strains of cannabis grown in soil.
Hydro : Complicated.  Many confusing kinds of hydroponics and each method has different unique complications and issues.  We will deposit quotes and links to information obtained online @ thcplant.com from the industries top breeders. NOT RECOMMENDED.  Electricity fails frequently during power outages, and this method is more susceptible to failure and plant loss.  Many times even experienced growers are baffled when very vigorously growing babes unexpectedly wilt and die.  If you decide to use this method please read more about pH, nutrients, deficiencies and other commonplace issues online and research it thoroughly.  Feeding with plain water is NOT OK, pH 5.5 - 5.8 is best for most strains of cannabis grown in a hydroponic environment.

Plants need mainstream (macro) nutrients AFTER the clones have rooted thoroughly into whatever you plant them in.  Nutrients should be added at very minimal levels always, usually it is common practice to apply 1/4 of whatever your nutrient bottle recommends and watch what your plant does (-:" !!!! Plants need different nutrients for vegetative cycle than for bloom cycle, a nitrogen rich diet will help best in vegetative stage. WITH NUTRIENTS USUALLY LESS IS BETTER. 

Begin your plants in the bloom cycle when the desired size has been achieved.  Cannabis will automatically begin to bloom when allowing the light schedule to reach approximately 12 hours on and 12 hours off, in nature this occurs gradually over a period of time.  As long as the light schedule of cannabis is between 18 - 24 hours, it will usually NOT flower and should remain in the vegetative stage.  Many plants will try to adapt to this continual condition over time and may become unstable, as nature generally tries to find a way to survive.  Plants usually do not suffer from light fluctuations or deficiencies if taken care of immediately, but if plants are continually stressed by unnatural light schedules or inadequate darkness during dark cycles, problems may occur.  Hermaphroditism is a commonplace trait found in severely stressed out plants.  It is nature's way of adapting to chaos.   Next update: Safe Pest Control methods
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