(THC PLANTS LABS) Genetics: Pre'98 cross with DJ Shorts BlueBerry cross with Jack Herer (Sensi Labs)
~600gm/m2 @ 60 Days
Grows mostly tall and bushy, a Sativa hybrid with extreme potential in both directions when timed properly, will finish heavy laden with CBD if given 65 days, and very early at around 55 days will turn much higher THC values. A tall strain, with extra noticeable vigor outdoors! Taste is one of a kind blue jack with added weight due to platinum kush.


(Reservoir's Original 1992)
~600gm/m2 @ 75 Days
Classic 90% Sativa ( Chemo cross with Mexican Landrace )
This classic diesel pungent aroma mixes with a subtle soothing sour lime flavor, and the resulting effect has astounded and stimulated the mind and body for years and years to come. These plants are extremely hardy, rigid, secure, and well-yielding. Easy to grow, and easy to feed. These buds will swell and achieve a neon-green finish unlike any other flower, and will continue to be profound in the breeding programs of many.


(THC PLANTS LABS) Genetics: Thai Stick (Gypsy Nirvana) cross with Fire OG (OGRaskal's Fire cut 4Gen Backcrossed)
~550gm/m2 @ 70 Days
Extremely useful OG hybrid achieving excessive crystallization with a durable indoor / outdoor design. Notable mold and pest resistance. Fire OG was selected only after backcrossing achieved stability. Excellent strain for the grower with patience and adequate grow space.