Taking Advantage of the Warranty

Time after Time

When our clones are delivered we go through every possible step to insure our patients are happy with their them. Including offering a 14 day warranty on all our clones. Unfortunately there are people out there who try and take advantage and expolit this kind gesture for weakness. A patient received 120 and clones and claimed that all of them had spider mites two days later. He used explicit langauge when speaking to our representitives while calling in several times while resolving the matter. Having admitted to our representitives that they've had mite infestations in the past with their grows we informed him in certain enviroments such as filthy or unclean areas spider mites can be birthed almost unnoticed within 48 hours. Upon completing and setting up the requested warranty the patient then changed their mind and decided to claim only 23 out of the 120 clones received had mites. We offered to uphold our warranty and replace the defective clones provided the patient (as per policy) returned the defective clones to us so that we may inspect them ourselves. Once presented with this offer they declined.

We will uphold our warranty and have no problem getting the clones to you as soon as possible. But please don't try to take advantage of our offer and waste everybodys time.

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